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Wrong solutions for obesity

    Wrong solutions for obesity

    The wrong idea about diets and exercise

    Generally, there is a wrong idea of what the concept of ‘DIET’ means.

    People usually refer to diet as a part of a short or long-term to-follow meal program. It’s very common that a diet is followed during a week, month, or even until you reach your desired weight. But the term or what a diet should consist of nowadays is completely different from what it should be.

    Wrong Solutions for tour obesity

    The idea of thinking that following a diet will be a long term solution for your obesity, is wrong!

    The term DIET should refer to your overall eating habits, your way of eating every day, your relationship with food, and the kind of food you choose to be part of your health and daily life.

    Wrong solutions for obesity

    Thinking about being on a diet all the time won’t help; you have to change your mind set about it, you do not have to ‘diet’ but having a diet to improve your actual way of eating, incorporating healthy changes into your current lifestyle eating habits until they become part of your normal way of living. However, most people make the mistake of restricting their food dramatically, from one day to another, starving them to lose weight but the only long result they are going to get will be a slower metabolism.

    This situation above is the same as the exercise concept. Obese people start an exercise program for a while just to lose weight but not to incorporate it into their daily routine to have a healthy life. So, this might help during a certain time but that’s it. If you want real results for a long time, you will need to work out more focusing on feeling healthy.

    It is important to mention that obesity is a long-term disease that some people have not only due to their way of eating but to genetics, hormonal changes, lifestyle habits, type of job, lack of physical activities, stress, and mental health problems, among many other reasons. So, being on a specific diet for a certain period is not the solution to overweight. 

    Solutions for obesity

    Dieting and exercising does not mean suffering. Your daily diet and exercise program must not be temporary; This is more important than you think. It is the physical activity and the food you choose to put in your body day by day for the rest of your life. It is not a quick weight loss fix; it is a way of living.

    Nowadays it is very common to find magic tricks for weight loss… “Lose weight in just ONE WEEK”, “These pills will make you feel less hunger for you to lose weight”. There doesn’t exist such a magic trick to lose that much weight in a short term, and if you have found it, it might not be healthy.  As well as all the information we currently have access to, the thousands of diets, formulas, exercise routines, etc. Can sometimes be provided by non-experts that haven’t been certified to provide that kind of information. So always make sure as well you are well informed by Ann expert in the area. 

    Developments in bariatric surgery since 2005:

    You should focus on eating healthy, consistently, not for a set period: even if you undergo Bariatric Surgery, you will need to follow a special healthy diet and an exercise program for life, not for a while. Taking the Bariatric option seriously is important. It is not a magic bullet to solve your obesity problem. It requires the patient’s preparation and learning to make good decisions and to be committed to all life changes to succeed such as following the surgeon’s instructions after surgery which will include following a post-op diet and beginning with physical activity among others.

    Wrong solutions for obesity

    At Hidalgo Bariatrics we have received a lot of patients whose main issue is that they have tried diets and exercise before but their weight or diseases haven’t improved, and no worries, you are not the only one who has gone through it, this is most of the time caused by genetics. There is no way you can fight your genetics even if you try a whole different lifestyle. Your brother might be super skinny but you don’t. Even though you grew and ate from the same household, genetics play a very interesting and pretty important role in your body.

    Dr. Hidalgo and his team of specialists ‘At Hidalgo Bariatrics’ located in Tijuana Mexico, can help you to understand that the weight loss process through the bariatric procedure, dieting, and exercising is more than just a way to lose weight, it is the path to change your life for a healthier and happier life in all senses.

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