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Protein after Bariatric Surgery

    Protein after Bariatric Surgery

    Why the protein is so important after my Bariatric Surgery?

    If you are thinking of undergoing Bariatric Surgery, you better learn every detail to be followed before and after any kind of procedure. One of the most important details is to make protein a priority after your bariatric surgery as it will be crucial in your daily diet. We are sure you have heard lots of bariatric patients talk about the protein or you maybe have seen lots of protein brands that bariatric patients recommend. Today we will share why protein plays such an important role and why you should never miss it.

    Protein Bariatric Surgery

    It is essential to ensure you are eating enough protein after bariatric surgery since you will be losing not only fat but muscle as well.

    Protein comes from the Greek word proteis which means ‘of primary importance’ so, it is a clear hint that protein is a serious matter and in this case, protein is that important because it helps and affects the human body in different ways. It builds and maintains muscle mass acting as the source of energy. Besides, it helps the skin, hair, and nails to keep strong. It is obvious that the human body cannot make protein without food intake and has no way to store it, so you have to eat enough protein every day; that will minimize the sagging skin.

    Protein is as well, the building block of muscles contributing to a better metabolism, being after bariatric surgery, a fundamental aspect of your healthy diet; an ingredient that helps form hormones, enzymes, and immune system antidotes that make your body function effectively; wounding healing after the procedure.

    You will have to get used to a much smaller stomach size. It is obvious that the portions of the amount you were able to eat before your procedure will not be the same. 

    When having bariatric surgery, you will be eating less causing you to consume very less calories than before, so making food choices will be critical and essential as there won’t be enough room for empty calories. You will need to have a goal of consuming a minimum of 60-90 grams of protein daily to trigger weight loss and minimize muscle loss.

    Proteina after bariatric surgery

    If you do not consider this amount and eat less protein, you might notice thinning hair or even hair loss, vitamin and mineral loss, weakness, swelling feet, and legs, excess muscle breakdown, fatigue, and nausea among other effects and consequences.

    It is important to mention that obesity is a long-term disease that some people have not only due to their way of eating but to genetics, hormonal changes, lifestyle habits, type of job, lack of physical activities, stress, and mental health problems, among many other reasons. So, being on a specific diet for a certain period is not the solution to overweight. 

    Protein adn Bariatric Surgery

    In the first 2 weeks after surgery, it is normal to feel low energy… YOUR BODY IS GETTING USED TO YOUR DAILY LIFE AGAIN!

    So please be patient and make sure your proteins become your best friend in this after surgery stage, you’ll need them.

    Dr Hidalgo, Bariatric surgeon expert, recommends the following after surgery…

    • Just right after the bariatric surgery, get most of your protein from shakes. As soon as you can eat solids, you will need to introduce protein in every meal and snack you take. Protein shakes help to recover from surgery and get you on track for your new life, but animal protein should always be your priority.
    • Start every meal with protein, even when fruits, vegetables, and carbs are part of your diet as protein takes longer to digest and keeps you feeling full for longer periods. Prioritize protein always. 
    • Consume protein shakes as they help curb hunger between meals and help burn fat instead of muscle for healthier weight loss.
    • Stick to lean protein sources that are low in fat but high in nutrient value such as grilled turkey, fish, or chicken.

    Protein after Bariatric Surgery

    Protein after Bariatric Surgery is so important that we can say it is the key to success. You will be guided by a group of professional surgeons and Bariatric nutritionists providing you with the best post-op diet depending on your needs. We can tell for sure the men are more likely to start with animal protein intake because their metabolism works faster than women do.   

    Having the right food choices will be the clue to having a successful weight loss process and journey, including a great number of nutrients, prioritizing protein intake and having a good relationship with food, knowing what your body needs, being committed to your goals, emotionally and mentally balance at any point in time.

    Protein after Bariatric Surgery will help you to balance out your intake of protein. So, here we suggest some of the best protein powder options you may consider getting, always combining them with regular water consumption and all dietary adjustments in your lifestyle.

    Protein after Bariatric Surgery

    Protein after Bariatric Surgery it is important but please consider to take Zero Carbs and Zero Sugar Protein powder such as:

    • Isopure
    • Evolution WP100
    • ISO100
    • Plant Fusion Complete Protein
    • ISOHD bph Sport
    • Syntax Nectar Whey Protein Isolate
    Protein and bariatric Surgery

    Don’t forget to always make sure your Protein is 0 sugar and 0 carbs with the most grams of protein as possible. Usually, plain flavors are the easy ones to find, flavored ones usually have a bit more of sugar and carbs that might be the cause of a slow weight loss process. We also recommend you mixing your protein powder with water instead of milk and leave the boxed protein shakes for an emergency or a “go to” option.

    What’s the best protein shake you have ever tried?

    Dr. Hidalgo and his team of specialists ‘At Hidalgo Bariatrics’ located in Tijuana Mexico, can help you to understand that the weight loss process through the bariatric procedure, dieting, and exercising is more than just a way to lose weight, it is the path to change your life for a healthier and happier life in all senses.

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