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Hidalgo Bariatrics

Bariatric Hospital

Best Place to have Weight loss Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Where is the best place to have a Bariatric surgery?

New City Medical Plaza is for sure the Best Place to have Weight loss Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico and here is where Dr. Hidalgo perform bariatric surgeries. New City Medical Plaza is the most modern and innovative hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. located just a minutes from the international border between San Diego, California and Tijuana.

This world-class hospital specializes in cosmetic and bariatric surgery and all Doctors are certified surgeons and fully accredited, with over 25 years of experience, the staff undergoes continuous training to make sure the patient gets the best experience, all this aspect made people rate it as the Best Place to have Weight loss Surgery in Tijuana.

New City Medical Plaza

Dr. Hidalgo helps patients to improve their health and life on a daily basis. New city Medical Plaza has become a common destination for patients mainly from Canada and United States who are looking forBariatric surgery and aesthetic non invasive procedures at low cost but with great quality and above all the safety that a patient needs.

Connect with our team of experts who are dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for your trip to Tijuana, Mexico. They will assist you in coordinating every aspect, from clarifying any questions you may have about the treatment process to providing detailed information about the facilities and everything related to your procedure. Your journey to wellness starts with us.

Protocols and procedures for all Bariatric Surgeries.

The protocols and standard operating procedures of our facility in Tijuana, Mexico are comparable to those set forth by the certifying body of hospitals in the United States. Our goal is to provide quality, cost-effective health care to our patients. Every day, we see industry-leading surgeons change lives by producing remarkable results. If you are considering bariatric or plastic surgery, we encourage you to reach out to our team today.

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Meet Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo

Dr Juan F. Hidalgo

Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo

Bariatric Surgeon

Meet Dr. Juan Hidalgo, a distinguished bariatrician in Tijuana, Mexico, renowned for his expertise in weight loss surgeries spanning nearly a decade. With a commitment to excellence, Dr. Hidalgo leads a team of highly skilled surgeons, offering personalized, life-changing treatments to his patients.

Following the completion of his specialty in general surgery at the Hospital Civil, Dr. Hidalgo established Hidalgo Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, marking the inception of a journey dedicated to transforming lives through compassionate care and surgical excellence.

Hidalgo Bariatrics Team of profesionals

Edgar Salvador Ortiz Corjeno


Born in Guadalajara, Dr. Ortiz studied medicine at the University of Guadalajara and Anesthesiology at the University of Guanajuato, with 12 years of experience working in several hospitals. Loves offering safety and vital comfort to patients by looking at the smile and tranquility each time the patient wakes up.

aesthetic and anti aging

Monica Becerra

Aesthetic & Anti aging Medicine

Dr.Moni is a certified aesthetics doctor, born and raised in Nayarit, Mexico. Known as the one of the best aesthetics and anti aging specialist in Tijuana, she will make sure to reach your expectations by giving you a full relaxing and natural aesthetics treatment. She loves exercising and fashion.


Maria Alejandra Ascencio Aviña


Born in Guadalajara, Dr. Ascencio is 35 years old. Studied Medicine at the Univercity Autonoma de Guadalajara and Anesthesiologist at the Hospital General de Occidente. After 10 years of experience, her passion from the very first sight is to know and calm the patient, offering safety and personal care with great results.

Surgical Bariatric Nurse

Rafael A. Arredondo Quintero

Surgical Bariatric Nurse

From Los Mochis, Sinaloa, and 36 years old, Rafael has 11 years of experience as a Surgical Bariatric Nurse. He loves to transmit his knowledge and use his skills to help others. His hobby is playing Soccer.

Dietitian nutritionist

Linda Cardona

Certified Bariatric nutritionist

Certified Dietitian nutritionist, with 7 years of experience on clinical nutrition. She loves to do exercise and play sports like golf.

Administrative Assistant

Alejandra Reyes

Administrative Assistant

With more than 20 years of experience in Administrative Control, coordination, and logistics. She is 45 years old and has excellent customer service skills and a dedication to service. She studied Computer Science and was born in the beautiful state of Hidalgo.

Vanessa Araiza

Sales & Marketing Executive
Medical Coordinator

Studied Multimedia Communication Engineer with experience in multimedia marketing and advertising. Was sleeved by Dr. Hidalgo in 2019. Vanessa has experience in coordinating patients and being the sales and marketing executive, her advice and guidance are invaluable and will help you make the best decision throughout your journey.

Jill Binghan-Medical Sales Coordiantor

Jill Bingham

Medical Sales Coordinator

Jill is 55 years old and has worked in sales and business development for over 25 years. Jill lost over 75 lbs after having her gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Hidalgo back in 2019, resulting in improved health and confidence. She is passionate about helping others to achieve similar goals. Jill enjoys outdoor recreation and traveling to new places.

Fernando Espino Critical Care

Fernando Espino

Critical Care

Dr. Espino studied medicine with a degree in critical care. He is always looking forward to evaluate each patient with a magnifying glass to make sure the surgery will be as smooth as possible, your health is his priority. He loves watching soccer games and motorcycles.


Karely Dominguez

Surgical Bariatric assistant.

Karely has been working several years already as a surgical Bariatric assistant, she loves knowing that her work towards a patients will have such a positive impact on their lives. She loves to spend time with her family and a great cup of coffee.

Aislyn Cruz Medical Assistant

Aislyn Cruz

Medical Assistant

Dr. Aislyn , studied medicine at Xochicalco University in Tijuana, Mexico. Since little, her passion for helping others has taken her to different roads as medical staff. Dr. Aislyn loves taking care of patients, we are sure you’ll feel like home.

Daniela Ciambelli

Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

Graduated from the Jalisco Institute of Reconstructive Surgery one of the best Institutes of Plastic Surgery nationally and internationally. Member of the Mexican Council of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery A.C. and of the ISAPS “The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Recently finished a Fellowship in Rhinoplasty in Turkey.

Our patients speak for themselves and show how Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo helps people improve their health and life on a daily basis. Our Bariatric center has become a common destination for patients mainly from Canada and United States who are looking for weight loss surgery at low cost but with great quality and above all the safety that a patient needs. talk to our team of experts they will help you to coordinate your trip to Tijuana Mexico and clarify any questions you may have about the process, which includes the treatment you will receive, facilities and everything related to your procedure.

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