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Hidalgo Bariatrics

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Weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico #1 Bariatric Center

We are a very modern bariatric center in Tijuana, Mexico with all-inclusive services where you will be treated like a VIP. Led by Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo, our team of bariatric surgeons, nurses, and patient-care professionals coordinates weight loss surgeries in Tijuana Mexico for patients from all over the world.

If you need bariatric surgery as a solution to obesity, we invite you to consider our weight loss procedures at our Bariatric Center in Tijuana Mexico with very effective and affordable options.

With our all-inclusive VIP bariatric surgery service, every patient gets transportation from the airport to our facilities and is greeted and escorted to their room. Next, they meet with Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo and the Hidalgo Bariatric team to discuss your everything about your weight loss surgery. During this conversation, patients are encouraged to ask any questions they have about bariatric surgery.

Start Lossing pounds and Gaining Life with bariatric surgery in Tijuana Mexico.

If diet and exercise have failed to result in the weight loss you need, bariatric surgery by the highly trained surgeons at Hidalgo Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, can help.

When you choose our practice for your weight procedure, we will handle all of the details for you, including your lodging and your travel to and from Mexico. You can simply relax and focus on your health and your recovery.

We offer a full range of bariatric procedures, including gastric bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, and more. To start your journey towards a healthy weight and a better quality of life, contact us online or call.

Weight loss surgery in tijuana
Bariatric surgery

Ensured and budget-friendly weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

If you are struggling with obesity, bariatric surgery combined with diet and exercise can offer incredible results  helping you achieve the results you want in a clean, modern, and patient-focused setting. We perform all bariatric procedures at Dreams Hospital in Tijuana, México.

The most modern and innovative hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. Located just a few minutes from the international border between San Diego, California, and Tijuana. 

Patients can undergo a variety of procedures coordinated through Hidalgo Bariatrics in Tijuana Mexico, including Gastric Sleeve, Gastric bypass surgery, Bariatric revision surgery, lap band system & Gastric plication surgery.

Discover Affordable Financing Options
for Bariatric Surgery Today!

Are you ready to take control of your weight loss journey with bariatric surgery? Don’t let financial concerns hold you back! We understand that the cost of surgery can be a significant consideration. That’s why we offer flexible and affordable financing options tailored to your needs.

Don't wait any longer to invest in yourself.


Unlocking the Path to Wellness: Exploring Tijuana, Mexico's Bariatric Surgery Journey!

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At Hidalgo Bariatrics we like to take good care of our patients and help them in their process to a healthier life, which is why we offer a free consultation without obligation for all potential patients who want to have weight loss surgery in Tijuana Mexico, we invite you to fill out our contact form to schedule a virtual consultation with our team of professionals and clarify any questions you may have about the procedures and their development.

Some of the most common questions patients may have about
having Weigh loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

What is the best bariatric surgery to have to lose weight?

The study found that gastric bypass appeared to be most effective for weight loss this surgery resulted in an average 31 percent loss of total body weight in the first year and 25 percent of total body weight after five years. You should consult your bariatric doctor to assess your health status and help you choose the best surgery for you according to different factors such as weight, age, health status, etc.

What weight loss surgery options do i have in Tijuana, Mexico?

At least we can tell you that at Hidalgo Bariatrics you have different options for weight loss surgery, it will depend on several factors to know which one is the most suitable for you, which is why we want you to consult the Hidalgo Bariatrics team for personalized attention to make a more accurate diagnosis.

What weight loss surgery options do i have in Tijuana, Mexico?

At least we can tell you that at Hidalgo Bariatrics you have different options for weight loss surgery, it will depend on several factors to know which one is the most suitable for you, which is why we want you to consult the Hidalgo Bariatrics team for personalized attention to make a more accurate diagnosis.

What is the safest surgery for weight loss?

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty leads to significant weight loss due to the limitation of being able to eat large amounts of food. And the procedure is minimally invasive, which reduces the risk of surgical complications and allows a quick return to daily activities, however it is important to assess the patient in order to determine which baraitra surgery is the best option for him.

How much do you have to weight to get a weight loss surgery?

Have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more, or have a BMI between 35 and 40, and an obesity-related condition, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or severe sleep apnea. Weigh less than 450 pounds, the maximum weight that a hospital radiology team can support, however at Hidalgo Bariatrics we like to assess our patients personally to prepare them for their health improvement process through bariatric surgery.

How much does weight loss surgery cost in Tijuana, Mexico?

A Bariatric surgery costs may vary from the type of procedure you´re getting and what country you choose for the procedure,
but it will be around $4,800 USD to $7,000 USD, at Hidalgo Bariatrics all our packages are all inclusive with staying, spa, surgeon, anesthesiologist, nutritional and lifestyle guidance and transport from and border-airport-hospital-hotel pickup.

Why choose Tijuana, Mexico to have Bariatric Surgery?

Tijuana is one of the best options to have weight loss surgery, it is a city with a large influx of medical tourism from Canada and the United States, due to the good treatment they receive and the low costs compared to their countries of origin. At Hidalgo Baraitrics Tijuana we offer all-inclusive packages for our patients that range from transportation from the airport to your spa hotel, hospital, surgery, anesthesia, nutrition program, pre-and post-operative care, in addition to post-operative follow-up through our group. support in social networks.

We want to make your travel to Tijuana Mexico easy,
here´s the steps you need to know:

1.- Consultation

Schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Hidalgo team in Tijuana, Mexico. Discuss your weight loss goals, medical history, and expectations to determine if bariatric surgery is right for you.

2.- Personalized Evaluation

Dr. Hidalgo will conduct a thorough evaluation, including physical examinations and diagnostic tests, to assess your current health status. This ensures a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

3.- Information online

Our team of professionals will send you an email with information regarding your surgery, and forms to fill which our bariatric team will revise to see if you qualify for a weight loss surgery and what is the best surgery for you, if you qualify your procedure can be scheduled in two weeks.

4.- Schedule Your Journey to Transformation

You are peápproved for surgery and ready to travel to San Diego California where our trusted coordinator will pick you up and drives you from there to Tijuana, Mexico (3o minutes approx) to our spa hotel or directly to our state-of-the-art hospital campus. We work hard to accommodate your schedule

5.- Meet with the team

Our coordinator will check you in, and accommodate you in your room, and you will have a meeting with Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo our certified bariatrician to answer you any questions may have regarding the surgery.

6.- Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo will perform the weight loss surgery according to what is established in the previous meetings.

7.- Recovering

After the surgery, you will spend two or three days in the luxury hotel in a period of observation and recovery to make sure that everything is as expected.

8.- Following Up

We will follow up on your surgery for better results of it, providing you with a nutritional plan provided by our nutritionist and we will give you access to support groups for operatives.

Success Stories of Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana

3 Months after the surgery my blood pressure was normal, and I was off of the high blood pressure pills. By the end of month 5, my diabetes was GONE! No more pills for that. I am at month seven and have lost 118 lbs. I feel great.
Thanks all.

Why choose Hidalgo Bariatrics over other bariatric centers in Tijuana
to get your Weight Loss Surgery?


Hidalgo Bariatrics performs its procedures in first-class facilities in Tijuana, Mexico which exceed the safety and disinfection standards of US and Canadian hospitals. Our team of professionals helps you organize the process of your stay in Tijuana for your surgery. weight reduction guaranteeing your safety and that of your relatives at all times.


If we compare our service with other countries such as the United States or Canada, we will realize that we offer a service and procedure of equal or sometimes higher quality at a much more affordable cost, due to different factors the cost of surgery in Tijuana, Mexico is lower than other countries having access to certified doctors and professional team of bariatrician.

All inclusive Service

Hidalgo Bariatrics offers you a lot for your money, from first-class facilities, airport transportation service from San Diego California to Tijuana, surgery, anesthesia, nutritional plan, pre, and post-operative help as well as the follow-up of your procedure for a year, and online support groups.

The final result

Rest assured that Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo is one of the best bariatrists in Tijuana, Mexico, he will help you obtain the best possible results in the process of improving your health through weight loss surgery.

Hidalgo Bariatrics patients speak for themselves and show how Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo helps people improve their health and life on a daily basis. Our Bariatric center has become a common destination for patients mainly from Canada and United States who are looking for weight loss surgery at low cost but with great quality and above all the safety that a patient needs. talk to our team of experts they will help you to coordinate your trip to Tijuana Mexico and clarify any questions you may have about the process, which includes the treatment you will receive, facilities and everything related to your procedure.

Am I a Candidate for a Bariatric Surgery?
Try our BMI Calculator

Patients with a BMI over 30 qualify for Bariatric Surgery.

Supplied by BMI Calculator USA

Meet Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo

Bariatric Surgeon

Best place to have a Weight loss Surgery in Tijuana

Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo one of the best bariatrician in Tijuana, Mexico has practiced weight loss surgeries for nearly 10 years and is proud to lead his team of highly qualified surgeons and provide personalized, life-changing treatment for his patients. His passion is Formula 1 and his hobby is playing video games.

After completing his specialty in general surgery at the Hospital Civil Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo founds Hidalgo Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico.

Hidalgo Bariatrics Team of profesionals

Edgar Salvador Ortiz Corjeno


Born in Guadalajara, Dr. Ortiz is 37 years old. Studied medicine at the University of Guadalajara and Anesthesiology at the University of Guanajuato, with 11 years of experience working in several hospitals in Jalisco State. Loves offering safety and vital comfort to patients by looking at the smile and tranquility each time the patient wakes up. He enjoys football and swimming on the beach.

Daniela Ciambelli

Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

Professional graduated from the Jalisco Institute of Reconstructive Surgery Dr. José Guerrerosantos is recognized for being one of the best Institutes of Plastic Surgery nationally and internationally. Member of the Mexican Council of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery A.C. and of the ISAPS “The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Recently finished a Fellowship in Rhinoplasty in Turkey.


Maria Alejandra Ascencio Aviña


Born in Guadalajara, Dr. Ascencio is 35 years old. Studied Medicine at the Univercity Autonoma de Guadalajara and Anesthesiologist at the Hospital General de Occidente. After 10 years of experience, her passion from the very first sight is to know and calm the patient, offering safety and personal care with great results. Her hobby is spinning and softball.

Surgical Bariatric Nurse

Rafael A. Arredondo Quintero

Surgical Bariatric Nurse

From Los Mochis, Sinaloa, and 36 years old, Rafael has 11 years of experience as a Surgical Bariatric Nurse. He loves to transmit his knowledge and use his skills to help others. His hobby is playing Soccer.

Bariatric Dietitian

Ana Karen Sánchez

Bariatric Dietitian

Certified Bariatric Dietitian by Colegio Mexicano de Cirugía para la Obesidad y Enfermedades Metabólicas A.C., Also she have 7 years of experience on clinical nutrition. She loves to do exercise and play sports like golf.

Administrative Assistant

Alejandra Reyes

Administrative Assistant

With more than 20 years of experience in Administrative Control, coordination, and logistics. She is 45 years old and has excellent customer service skills and a dedication to service. She studied Computer Science and was born in the beautiful state of Hidalgo. Her Hobbies are crafts, plants, and making desserts.

Sales & Marketing Executive

Vanessa Araiza

Sales & Marketing Executive

Born in Puerto Vallarta, she is 27 years old. Studied Multimedia Communication Engineer with experience in multimedia marketing and advertising. Was sleeved by Dr. Hidalgo in 2019. Vanessa has experience in coordinating patients and being the sales and marketing executive, her advice and guidance are invaluable and will help you make the best decision throughout your journey.

Hidalgo Bariatrics Staff

Tamara Ramírez

Sales & Marketing Executive

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, she is 22 years old. Studied Administration and International Business with expertise in customer service and sales area. Tamara will coordinate your arrival and make sure you feel as home, always opened up to help you as much as possible. She loves dogs and a good white wine. 

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Still not sure what is the right procedure for you?

Let our Bariatric center helps you

There are several options for patients who are struggling with being overweight, who have already tried different methods such as diets and exercises without success, they know that the research shows different bariatric methods for weight loss, however, it can be confusing for patients, that is why we recommend you approach the Hidalgo Bariatrics team so that they can make an assessment of your case and be able to recommend which would be the best bariatric surgery based on their experience and different indicators according to the conversation you have with them.

Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo is a board-certified bariatric surgeon who can help you with overweight issues, please feel free to  book a free online consultation.

Dr. Juana F. Hidalgo

Complete your medical history form here.

If you already know what bariatric procedure you will have and already had a call with Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo or his Team of professionals it is important that you fill out the Medical form for our records.