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Hidalgo Bariatrics

Mommy Makeover Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

After pregnancy, sudden weight gain, or rapid weight loss, you may become unhappy with loose skin, sagging breasts, and stubborn fat around your abdomen. These leftover cosmetic imperfections can make you feel self-conscious and affect your everyday life.

If you have multiple cosmetic concerns, Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo and his team can combine procedures into a plan known as a mommy makeover. This treatment plan is designed on a patient-by-patient basis to address your unique concerns and help you achieve a more contoured silhouette. 

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A combination of cosmetic procedures intended to target multiple areas around the body, including: 

  • Breast

    Pregnancy can affect the proportion and size of your breasts compared to the rest of your body. It can also cause sagging or uneven breasts due to the sudden increase and loss of volume.

  • Abdomen

    After pregnancy or rapid weight loss, many patients are self-conscious about sagging skin, stretch marks, or stubborn fat deposits along their abdominal area.

  • Thights

    Your thighs are nearly impossible to target with diet and exercise alone, but surgery can remove excess fat and skin.

  • Arms

    Like your thighs, your arms are one of the areas where stubborn fat and loose skin are extremely difficult to get rid of without surgical help.

What Hidalgo Bariatrics includes in Mommy makeover Surgery?

The most important thing for Hidalgo Bariatrics is that you feel well cared for by our staff of professionals, all our surgical packages include:

Treatment Process

Many patients choose a mommy makeover because it allows you to address multiple areas in a single treatment plan. The length and details of your surgery will depend on which procedures you choose to include in your mommy makeover. 

Life after Mommy makeover surgery in Tijuana Mexico

If you previous felt self-conscious about your body after motherhood or after massive weight loss, a mommy makeover can improve your self-confidence and allow you to enjoy motherhood or the results of your bariatric surgery to their absolute fullest. 

Although the catchy name has gained popularity, a mommy makeover is not just for new mothers.

Maintaining your results is very important following cosmetic surgery, so we do not recommend that you do not undergo a mommy makeover if you are considering having more children. You should also maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and eat a balanced diet. Pregnancy or unhealthy lifestyle can cause your weight to fluctuate and affect the results of your surgery. 

How much does Mommy Makeover Surgery cost in Tijuana, Mexico?

The cost for a Mommy Makeover Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico will depend on what process will be developed but we tell is around $4,800 USD to $9,000 USD, at Hidalgo Bariatrics all our packages are all-inclusive with staying, spa, surgeon, anesthesiologist, nutritional and lifestyle guidance and transport from border-airport-hospital-hotel pickup.

How much does Mommy Makeover Surgery cost in the United States or Canada?

If you perform Mommy Makeover Surgery in the United States the cost can be around $15,000 USD, up to 73% more in comparison with Tijuana.

Don't just dream of a better you, make it a reality with Hidalgo Bariatrics!

Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we’re honored to be part of your transformational journey. Discover how Hidalgo Bariatrics can help you achieve the life-changing results you deserve.

Hidalgo Bariatrics patients speak for themselves and show how Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo helps people improve their health and life on a daily basis. Our Bariatric center has become a common destination for patients mainly from Canada and United States who are looking for weight loss surgery at low cost but with great quality and above all the safety that a patient needs. talk to our team of experts they will help you to coordinate your trip to Tijuana Mexico and clarify any questions you may have about the process, which includes the treatment you will receive, facilities and everything related to your procedure.


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