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Bariatric Surgery procedures in Tijuana Mexico

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    You may find useful Frequently asked questions most patients have before any bariatric procedure.

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    Before any surgical procedure, we need you to fill out the medical form with your medical history, follow this link to send us your information.

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    Weight loss surgery procedures in Tijuana you might be interest in.

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    Gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana with Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo can provide great results with minimal risk.

    • Substantial Weight Loss
    • Reduced Hunger
    • Less Invasive & Revisable Procedure

    Mini Gastric Bypass

    Lose up to 70 Percent of Excess Weight with Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery at Tijuana Mexico.

    • 1-2 Hours
    • 70% Weight loss
    • 1 Year to reach goal

    Gastric Bypass Surgery

    Gastric bypass surgery in Tijuana can not only help you to lose weight, but also live a longer and healthier life.

    • Significant Weight Loss
    • Improved Health
    • Enhanced Quality of Life

    Gastric Sleeve Revision

    If you have a Lapband in place and have not had success we can help you fix or repair your past surgery failures.

    • Problem with the Gastric Sleeve.
    • Gastric sleeve to a Mini Bypass.
    • Full RNY Bypass for weight loss success

    Gastric Bypass Revision

    Errors during the initial surgery, poor dietary habits, and other complications can compromise the effects of your procedure

    • Versatility
    • Dramatic Results
    • High Success Rates

    Bariatric Revision Surgery

    If your initial weight loss surgery falls short of your expectations, it can be heartbreaking. However, there is hope.

    • Versatility
    • Dramatic Results
    • High Success Rates

    Lap Band System

    The LAP-BAND system is designed to significantly reduce your stomach’s capacity to hold food. You will feel fuller faster and longer.

    • 45 Minutes
    • 60% Weight Loss
    • 1 Year to reach goal

    Gastric Balloon

    The Intra-Gastric Balloon procedure in Tijuana takes about 20 to 30 minutes. The patient may lose up to 30% of their excess weight in 6 months.

    • 30 Minutes
    • 30% Weight loss
    • 1 Year to reach goal

    Gastric Plication Surgery

    The Gastric Plication surgery in Tijuana takes about 1 hour. The patient may lose up to 55% of their excess weight within 2 years of surgery.

    • 1 Hour
    • 55% Weight Loss
    • 2 Years to reach goal

    Duodenal Switch Surgery

    If f you suffer from weight-related health problems like hypertension, hyperlipidemia or hard to control type 2 diabetes, you may qualify for this procedure

    • 2-3 hours
    • 80% Weight loss
    • 1 Year to reach goal
    • Not suffer from dumping symptoms

    Mommy Makeover

    If you have multiple cosmetic concerns, Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo and his team can combine procedures into a plan known as a mommy makeover.

    • Breast
    • Abdomen
    • Thights
    • Arms

    Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana

    What is the best practice for you? Contact us and Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo team will explain you all procedures and logistic for any bariatric surgery.

    • Arrival
    • Transportation
    • Accommodation
    • Weight loss surgery
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