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About Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

    What do you know about Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery?

    There are many great Bariatric Surgical Options. However, you must have frequent questions about all the surgical procedures. Mini Gastric Bypass is one of those alternatives that you have and you should consider and learn everything about it to be certain which bariatric surgery will be the best for you.

    Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery is a surgical bariatric technique also known as single anastomosis gastric bypass and its performance has increased considerably in recent years.

    What is the difference between Mini Gastric Bypass and RNY?

    Mini Gastric Bypass is also a laparoscopic bariatric surgery but this procedure is technically less invasive and less challenging that the full Gastric Bypass Surgery. Mini Gastric Bypass carries a lower percentage of complication risks and you will be fully recovered in two or three weeks after the surgery.

    What is the main benefit of choosing Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery?

    Mini Gastric Bypass procedure has the benefit of being done 50 minutes faster, being the surgery that can be performed in less time than the traditional Gastric Bypass, It is also a less complicated surgery and results obviously in fewer complications. Several studies have demonstrated that the benefits provided by this bariatric surgery are even higher than those observed in RNY, including excess weight loss and resolution of comorbidities.

    How is Mini Gastric Bypass performed?

    In the Gastric Mini Bypass procedure, the surgeon makes several small incisions on your abdomen creating only one connection to the small intestine that restricts and impairs the absorption of food and nutrients through the gastrointestinal tract, reducing the stomach size. This will be making you feel full sooner while eating.

    Mini-Gastric-Bypass-Surgery Tijuana

    This procedure is done under general anesthesia using a laparoscope inserted through one of the incisions. This thin instrument has a light and a camera that allows the surgeon to have a clear view of your internal organs on a monitor.

    How much weight should a patient lose after The Mini Bypass procedure?

    If you undergo Mini Bypass Surgery will generally lose weight very fast. If you are committed to the Post-op surgeon’s suggestions and indications, you will be able to lose up to 75 – 85 percent of your excess weight within a year.

    This means the weight loss average is one-third of your excess weight after three months. 

    What Should I expect after undergoing Mini Gastric Bypass surgery?

    Bariatric Surgery performance has generally increased over the last decades, giving extremely great and sustained weight loss long-term results and resolutions of comorbidities having an impact of 40% of reduction in morbidity and mortality for obesity causes.

    Mini Gastric Bypass will bring you a significant improvement in medical matters related to obesity diseases such as diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, asthma, and sleep apnea, among other comorbidities

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