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How successful is the lap band?

    Why Lap Band Surgery is not a good idea?

    Lap Band is a laparoscopic bariatric procedure also known as an Adjustable Gastric Band which was very popular around 10 years ago and is still performed in some parts of the United States. This bariatric procedure reduces the stomach’s capacity helping you to eat less and to feel full faster and obviously, to lose a remarkable amount of weight.

    How the Lap Band Surgery is done?

    In the Lap Band procedure, the surgeon places an inflatable silicone band around the upper portion of the stomach to create a small stomach pouch above the band and the rest of the stomach remains intact below it. This will slow down and restrict your food intake.

    Once the Lap band is introduced and placed in the appropriate site of your stomach, your surgeon will regulate the width and diameter of the silicone band by adding saline to it. So, in turn, change, the surgeon will be able to restrict the size of your stomach and the amount of food you can hold, helping you to lose weight and to achieve your weight loss goals.

    Lap Band Surgery

    Why studies have shown the Lap Band does not work?

    The idea of the Band Lap procedure was very good as it restricts the amount of food that you could eat, However, what was shown not to be right and seems to be flawed is that the food tunnels in the remaining stomach allow you if you are a person who does not have control over your eating habits, to continue eating foods you like once you figure how to trick the lap band. So, you will regain the weight back very fast.

    Lap Band Failure

    Sometimes, food restriction is not the answer. You might need more than that. A weight loss procedure that includes malabsorption to be more effective during your weight loss process. There are more bariatric options in which you won’t need a device implanted in your body and you will feel also full and satisfied, keeping you eating less and losing weight.

    Are there considerable complications or side effects after the Lap Band Surgery?

    Studies have shown that only about 2 to 10 Gastric Lap patients still have their bands in place. The 80 % rest have their bands removed because of different causes or have suffered many considerable complications such as


    Lap Band is not a good idea for everybody. This bariatric procedure system enables your gut to send signals to your brain producing a sensation of fullness and satiety as any other bariatric surgery. Thus, you will eat less and more slowly. The difficulty is the gastric band is not a permanent procedure, it is a reversible one. If need be, the Lap Band can be removed. 

    Most patients who have undergone Lap Band Surgery had follow-up revision surgery or a lap band removal surgery. That is why, if you are interested in having bariatric surgery, it is very important you consult a specialist to guide you to choose the best option for you!

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