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Weight Loss Surgery Do’s and Don’ts

    What to do and don't do before and after Bariatric Surgery

    Weight Loss Surgery Do's and Don'ts

    before and after bariatric surgery

    Before and after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    If you are planning on having Gastric Sleeve Surgery, you would need to be aware of the importance of following the do’s and don’ts before and after undergoing this bariatric procedure. Bariatric Surgery is not the easy way out to lose weight as many people think; it requires discipline and commitment to succeed.

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery can change your life, but the procedure is only the first step in the weight loss journey. In the Gastric Sleeve procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions in the upper abdomen to insert surgical instruments. Then, the surgeon removes about 60 to 80 % of the stomach leaving a new tube-shaped small stomach, commonly known as a “sleeve” that reduces the food intake, assisting in weight loss.

    What to do and what to avoid before and after Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

    A pre-op and planned diet is designed by specialists during the days leading to the procedure to shrink your fatty liver and improve the outcomes. This is necessary to be well prepared for the surgery as many obese people have an enlarged fatty liver because of their bad eating habits and because of being overweight.

    Before and after Bariatric Surgery

    There are certain things you should do and things you shouldn’t before the Gastric Sleeve, but no worries, we are here to help you. Here we share all the important details you should be aware of before and after surgery:

    What you should do before Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    Follow the consciously and without any excuses the Post Op diet which involves different steps:

    Remember: The process from liquids to solids must be gradual to allow the stomach to heal.

    What you should´t do before Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    Remember: Do not fight with food. Enjoy the weight loss journey. Be ready for new experiences and never give up!

    Undergoing Gastric Sleeve Surgery would be an essential change in your life but the procedure itself is not enough to succeed. You must commit to the whole process before and after to get the best outcomes, we are sure you can achieve it with effort and determination, Hidalgo Bariatrics will be always happy to be your guidance through this amazing process.

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