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What do I Bring to Tijuana Mexico
for Bariatric Surgery?

What items should I pack in my suitcase for my trip to Tijuana, Mexico?

Embarking on this journey is a pivotal moment to transform your life for the better. Despite feeling nervous, there’s an underlying excitement to reclaim control of your life. Happiness, confidence, and improved health are the driving forces behind the decision to undergo weight loss surgery.

Now, it’s your turn! As the day arrives, you may wonder what to expect next. What preparations should you make? What should you bring with you to Mexico for weight loss surgery? Let’s ensure you’re fully prepared for this life-changing experience.

Carry-on, wheeled suitcase.

Opt for a carry-on, wheeled suitcase (if possible) when traveling. If you need to check luggage, ensure it’s a wheeled suitcase to minimize lifting. Remember not to lift anything heavier than 30 pounds for 6-8 weeks post-op. It’s advisable to have someone assist you upon your arrival at your home airport.

Please leave jewelry, including any metals or piercings that must be removed before surgery, as well as valuables, at home.

Pack lightweight clothing such as pajamas and a few outfits with elastic bands, along with slip-on shoes, personal hygiene items, and all your current prescription medications in their original bottles.

Consider bringing audiobooks, a small laptop, or iPad for entertainment during travel to/from Mexico and throughout your post-surgical recovery period, as most television stations in Mexico broadcast in Spanish.

Limit your luggage to 1-2 smaller-sized suitcases as you’ll primarily be at the hospital during your stay. Please note that drivers may not have extra room for excess luggage and packages.

Don’t forget to bring your Passport unless your Patient Coordinator has authorized you to bring a Driver’s License and Birth Certificate instead.

Travel essentials for Bariatric surgery
Travel essentials to tijuana Mexico

Suggested Items

Consider bringing the following comfort items for your hospital stay and ride home. They are optional but may enhance your comfort during recovery:

Sleep Aids (Earplugs, Sleep mask)

Entertainment (Music player, DVD player, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. Don’t forget batteries/chargers for electronic devices. Books, magazines, or other reading material.)

Clothes (Slippers, Clean robe – the hospital will provide a gown, A loose-fitting outfit, robe, jumper, or dress to wear home, Flip-flops to wear in the shower, Clean underwear, and socks)

Hygiene (Personal toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and hairbrush. Female sanitary towels – tampons may be too uncomfortable to use/apply)

Other Suggestions to Bring

Notebook and pen for taking notes and write down questions to ask.

Neck pillow for the ride home.

Wear comfortable shoes for you travel to Tijuana, Mexico.

Bare basics for toiletry items, skincare, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, hair ties.

Bring extra underwear

Throat lozenges.

Chapstick for dry lips after surgery.

Bring a warm jacket or a sweater for the plane ride, just in case you’re cold in the hospital.

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Useful tips

A large yellow mailer envelope. You get LOTS of paperwork through your stay, and you want to keep them, but you won’t want to look at them at the time, so this is a place to consolidate them.

Bring some spending cash, preferably smaller bills. Although tipping is up to you, having extra money for your travels may be worthwhile.

Your cell phone carrier automatically rolled over and worked in Mexico without having to do anything, but call your cell phone carrier and let them know, see if you need to add a short-term International roaming to your plan.

You can let your airline know you will need wheelchair transport to/between gates on the way home. Yes, you need to walk, but those concourses are LONG in the airports and you will NOT be up to those walks 2 days post-op from major abdominal surgery. Walk around your gate area in the airport, not between gates.

Bring a decent sized personal item for the airports…like a backpack instead of a purse, or a medium-sized messenger bag. Carry your home meds with you, in original pill bottles. You’ll put your discharge meds in here as well, all of your hospital/discharge documents, personal documents, money, passport, bullion cubes, masks, chapstick, hand sanitizer, etc.