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Hidalgo Bariatrics

What documents do I need to
bring for my travel to Tijuana, Mexico?

Required Travel Documents
for Bariatric Sugery in Tijuana, Mexico

A valid Passport is strongly recommended for all members of your party. If you don’t have a passport or if it has expired, we recommend applying for an expedited passport application or renewal before your trip to Mexico.

If you do NOT have a passport

If you are crossing the border, you may use one of the following instead of a conventional passport only upon approval from your Patient Coordinator.

  • Passport ID Card
  • REAL ID OR Enhanced Driver’s License
  • Valid Driver’s License AND Original U.S. Birth Certificate (no copies). *Bringing your social security card and recent utility/cell phone bill that matches your license/ID helps the process go smoother
Required Travel Documents

The more documentation you have, the better off you will be, so be prepared!

For more information, visit: Passport Applications & Info

Or you may call:
1-877-487-2778 US State Department– American Travelers Services
Link to: US Embassy in Mexico – American Travelers Services while in Mexico

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