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What to eat during holidays after Bariatric Surgery

    What to eat during holidays after Bariatric Surgery?

    An educational and informative article from Hidalgo Bariatrics

    Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year´s Holidays are coming and that might concern you as a post-bariatric surgery patient because this always means parties, lunches, dinners, drinks, meetings with friends and family, and lots of delicious food.  It is quite normal if you feel nervous about all this food you will have in front of you with the upcoming celebrations.

    Holiday food after bariatric surgery

    It will be obviously a challenge after having a bariatric procedure not being able to eat as you used to during family feasts and holiday parties but we have good news for you! You can still enjoy this time of the year with family and friends eating focusing on what you can eat instead of suffering if you have an eating plan ahead and enjoy every moment with moderation.

    Steps to survive the holiday season

    What to eat during holidays after Bariatric Surgery?
    • Be kind to yourself. This is a very important step to follow. Allowing to yourself an ocassional treat, does not mean you are lost. Recommit to healthy snacks and do not feel guilty.
    • Do not forget your goals. Just because there are plenty of food options to choose, does not mean you can not maintain the same healthy program. You just pay attention to your portion sizes, starting with protein, tacking what you eat and eating slowly.
    • Be concious and mindful. Enjoy your friends and family’s conversation but do note at at the same time, save eating for a time when you are focussed on what you are eating and not on talking because you can easily eat much.
    • Do not count calories in order to save some for later. Skipping some meals to save some calories for holidays treats won’t be a good idea. If you arrive at the party hungry, be sure you are mire likely to overindulge.
    • Do not sit or stand close to the food. Just choose carefully and mindfully snacks and meals you can try and then move away.
    • Drink wáter as much as you can. 64 ounces of wáter a day is good for your body and health, avoiding drinking within 30 minutes of eating. It is very important you stay hydrated.
    • Physical Activity. During holidays season it is very common to let physical routines fall. However, make time for exercise doing family walking or moving activities to share and have fun.
    • Share a healthy dish. It is a good idea to bring a healthy dish to share at the gathering. It can be an option you know you can eat and enjoy.
    • Do not take alcohol as an optional drink. Try to avoid alcohol. Ot will affect you differently after bariatric surgery. It can dehydrates you and it is full of empty calories.
    • Choose healthy ingredients if you cook. Consider alternatives that cut calories and fat such as fat free creamed ingredients, skim milk, substitutes for sugar, Greek yogurt, etc.
    • Be Positive. Being with a positive attitude will change your holidays towrds eating. That will make you to be able to avoid overindulging and make right choices at parties and gatheirngs.
    What to eat during holidays after Bariatric Surgery?


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