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Should I exercise after a Weight loss surgery?

    Should I exercise after a Weight loss surgery?

    An educational and informative article from Hidalgo Bariatrics

    Exercising is an important activity in a human’s life to be healthy. Developing, following and maintaining a consistent physical activity program means a physical, mental and emotional health to people’s life.


    Bariatric Patients must be committed to all surgeons’ recommendations including the adaptation of a physically active lifestyle along with the appropriate healthy diet program. As soon as they begin to lose weight, patients will feel much better with their bodies and would be able to do many activities they could not do before the procedure because their excess weight was an obstacle. It is very important patients learn the process of exercising and how to incorporate it into their post-surgery daily lives.

    The first step for patients to follow is to understand that as they lose weight, exercising will become easier, it will have an impact as well on different types of workouts that maybe before surgery the patient wasn’t able to do. However, they really need to find the proper and appropriate exercise program that makes them feel good and does not put too much pressure or stress in their system. Making an exercise plan considering an initial objective based on their BMI is a good idea then, gradually patients can adjust their routine little by little as they lose weight as they will have more mobility and less stress on their joints.

    Surgeons’ recommendations are:

    • To start by walking 10 minutes a day, increasing some minutes every few days.

    • To work up to a minimum of 30 minutes day

    • To add strength training to build and maintain muscle mass while toning their body.

      This is recommended at least six months after the procedure as patients need to let

      their incisions heal first.

    • To do housework for 20 minutes every day

    • Jumping rope for 20 minutes

    • Playing basketball, volleyball or any similar sport

    • Cardio can be anything from walking, running, swimming, etc

    Exercising is recommended as part of a complementary therapy to the Bariatric procedure. It will help to improve patient’s mental, emotional and physical lives as it carries with it the following benefits:

    • It promotes wound healing
    • Reduces stress and anxiety
    • Improves circulation
    • Helps to retain lean muscle and only eliminate fat
    • Improves skin elasticity and muscle strength
    • Increases energy levels and productivity
    • Enhances mental health, self esteem and confidence
    • Improves flexibility and stretching
    • Improves the bowel function
    • Boosts the metabolism 
    Weight Loss Surgery and Exercise

    Exercising is recommended by Bariatric surgeons as an important part to achieve and maintain a patient’s ideal weight and as a part of the surgical process. It is important that patients understand that exercising is playing an essential role in helping bariatric patients live a healthy and successful life.

    The perseverance will depend on each patient’s main goals and it will require the proper guidance before adding any new exercising routine or new diet program.


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