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Improvement of a lifetime with Weight Loss Surgery

    Improve life with Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana

    Improvement of a lifetime:
    Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery)

    An educational and informative article from Hidalgo Bariatrics

    It’s now very common to hear about someone getting a weight loss surgery, in the past couple of years all the revolutionary technology has helped Bariatric experts to perform this kind of surgeries with a high successful rate, making them more accessible to most people. The goal: Help overweight patients to achieve their ideal weight.

    Since 1960 until today, obesity patients have grown exponentially, in the United States over 41% of adults suffer from obesity, in most cases causing diseases such as heart failure, diabetes and sleep apnea just for mentioning a few. Obesity has proven to be responsible for causing a lack of energy, mental and health problems such as anxiety and stress.


    So, how does getting weight loss surgery improve your life?

    Bariatric surgery is a surgical procedure that help obese patients not only on losing weight but improving and saving their lives. These kinds of surgeries can be lifesaving when patients have very serious weight-related health problems. In most cases, people tend to believe it’s just a Surgery that will help with your shape and physical aspect, however , Bariatric Surgery is not only about changing patient’s weight and having some inches less, it is actually a way of improving your emotional, physical, social, sexual and mental health, in simple terms: improving you whole lifestyle!

    Many Bariatrics patients have achieve an improvement in their health and weight-related medical conditions, such as reductions or reversals in terms of suffering from high blood pressure, some type of diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, sleep apnea, among others, but the most important, a reduction in overall mortality risk caused by the obesity or such diseases mentioned above.

    The relationship with the food will definitely change, because of you and your diet; as the most common and effective Bariatric surgery you’ll find the gastric sleeve and the gastric bypass, in both procedures your stomach will be reduced to a smaller size ( 70-80% of the stomach is usually cut off) making you feel full quicker causing a less food intake as what you might be used to be eating before the surgery.

    Therefore, after having the surgery, the patient’s energy will increase; bringing a renewed body to an active lifestyle and physical mobility can be expected to improve as the weight comes off. So, they will be able to do daily activities they could not do before because of being overweight. This means less disability.

    Another great result bariatric patients experience in their lives after surgery, is their social and work environment. It has been proven that the physical look after surgery will improve as patients gain more self- esteem and self-confidence. This situation will help with their mental health as they embrace this new way of living, breaking with their old bad habits and reducing their anxiety and depression.

    People who undergo a Bariatric Surgery can anticipate positive changes in their lives in many aspects. It has also been proven that by getting a weight loss surgery, patients will experience a better sexual and daily lifestyle. Patient’s relationships will change in many ways, they are not the same after their procedure. Bariatric Surgery will make them experience one of the most profound changes in their lives.


    Dr. Hidalgo and his team of specialists ‘At Hidalgo Bariatrics’ located in Tijuana Mexico, can help you to understand that the weight loss process through the bariatric procedure, dieting, and exercising is more than just a way to lose weight, it is the path to change your life for a healthier and happier life in all senses.

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