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Does Bariatric Surgery actually works?

    Does Bariatric Surgery works?

    An educational and informative article from Hidalgo Bariatrics

    Obesity is a lifelong disease. There is no medication or diet that by itself can offer you a permanent cure for obesity. So, when the extra weight is negatively impacting your emotional and physical well-being, health, and life quality, it is time to look for a tool that will help to lose some weight and achieve a healthier, fuller, and more active lifestyle.


    As known already for the past few years, Bariatric surgeries are a tool or key to help you begin a weight loss journey. The success rate for this type of surgery is pretty high, as long as you are committed, and you listen to all your surgeon’s suggestions and instructions. Taking care of your body is not just about the way you look, it is a deeper decision, it goes further; it is about health and life.

    Bariatric Surgery is a weight loss option for people with obesity problems, a great opportunity if your BMI is higher than 30. This kind of surgery generally causes you to lose between 30 to 50% excess weight in the first six months and around 60 to 70% of your excess weight 12 months after your surgery, lowering your initial BMI and helping you to get closer to your ideal weight.

    If you are looking for success, you really need to be committed to a post-op life changing process which includes many interpersonal adjustments in your daily life; it is important how you think and feel about yourself because that is one of the most important things from your Bariatric progress. You should decide to stick to a healthy post-diet and to regular physical activity. The success of the whole weight loss journey will depend on how committed you are to yourself and the process.

    It is essential that you know that bariatric surgery will work as a long-term process, only if you are physically, mentally, and emotionally committed to your weight loss, and you put your best effort and work hard in getting rid of the old habits and lifestyle permanently.

    Does getting Bariatric Surgery actually works?

    During the weight loss journey, you will lose your original body weight and keep most of it off, far better than a strict diet and exercise. More than that, Bariatric Surgery works obviously with excess weight but also allows patients to improve medical conditions such as Diabetes type 2, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure among others. Bariatric Surgery is a great health benefit for obese patients.

    Bariatric Surgery Works

    So, answering the big question, does getting Bariatric surgery actually work? The answer will be YES

    Weight Loss Surgery is a safe procedure that offers an effective method to rapidly lose excess weight and keep it off. Any bariatric procedure, as with any other surgery, has some risk of infection, blood clots, or side effects including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. However, by learning about it, being well informed and guided by an experienced and qualified surgeon before and after the weight loss process, patients would have an experience full of benefits and certainly a new better life!


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