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Can I gain the weight back after getting Bariatric Surgery?

    Can I gain the weight back after getting Bariatric Surgery?

    An educational and informative article from Hidalgo Bariatrics

    Bariatric Surgery is a branch of medicine in which procedures intend to help you with the overweight, the main purpose: achieve your ideal weight with the help of a balanced and healthy lifestyle after getting the surgery.

    One of the most frequently asked questions: Can I gain back the weight that I lost after surgery? The answer it’s yes. Many studies have shown that some patients start to regain weight around the 18th month post op, which can definitely happen for a variety of reasons.

    Approximately 50% of the Bariatric patients gain back around 5% or more of the lost weight.

    Gaining weight back after Bariatric Surgery

    Eating more and less exercise: Gain weight.

    Here we have listed many other reasons that might cause you to gain some weight back:

    • Lack of commitment to your new life-style
    • Not respecting the suggested nutritional plan.
    • Binge eating.
    • Keep eating even when you feel full.
    • Eating all day. Not respecting times.
    • Food anxiety. Out of control eating.
    • Eating food not recommended by your nutritionist, such as fast food.
    • Lack of support from family and friends.
    • Eating out all the time, avoiding homemade suggested diet.
    • Lack of motivation and mental health.
    • Not recognizing obesity as a chronic disease.
    • Not learning that Bariatric Procedure it’s just a tool to begin the weight loss journey.
    • Among others…

    It’s very important to know the pros and cons from any surgical procedure you are about to make, so no worries, it is quite normal if you get some pounds back. You should not feel disappointed, embarrassed or frustrated if this happens; that’s the reason why we suggest you look for the experts to guide you through this process and make sure you agree with the new life commitment you are about to make.


    Remember, having a weight loss surgery is a tool for you to start with a new healthy and active lifestyle, this doesn’t mean the surgery will do all the work for you, but great results can be achieved by following your doctor recommendations and believing in yourself!


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