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Hidalgo Bariatrics

Can i bring someone with me
for Bariatric Surgery?

Am I allowed to bring a companion with me?

We understand the invaluable support companions provide during times of recovery.

To ensure patients feel supported and cared for, overnight stays for companions are warmly welcomed at the hospital. We recognize the significance of having a familiar face by one’s side, offering comfort and reassurance throughout the healing journey.

Companions play a vital role in the well-being of patients, and their presence can significantly enhance the healing process. Whether offering a comforting word, a reassuring touch, or simply being present, companions provide invaluable emotional support during challenging times.

While companions are encouraged to stay overnight with patients, we also recognize the importance of providing options for additional comfort and convenience. For those seeking added amenities and a serene environment, we recommend considering accommodations at the hotel conveniently located adjacent to the hospital.

At the hotel, companions can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating stay, complete with modern amenities and thoughtful services. From cozy accommodations to convenient dining options, our hotel provides a welcoming retreat for companions seeking a restful respite during their stay.

Ultimately, whether staying overnight at the hospital or opting for accommodations at the nearby hotel, our priority remains the same: ensuring the comfort, safety, and well-being of both patients and their companions throughout their journey to recovery.

What if I prefer to come alone?

Of course! Many patients prefer to travel alone, eliminating the need to worry about a companion. Our dedicated staff will support you every step of the journey, from airport pick-up to drop-off. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to meet fellow patients through our Support Group who share the same surgery date, ensuring you’re never alone!

What can my companion do while I am at the hospital?

Discover a myriad of activities to keep your companion engaged during their stay. Within the building, they can indulge in rejuvenating services at the hair salon and spa, savor delectable cuisines at our restaurants, and enjoy various other amenities. Venture outside to explore a plethora of exceptional dining options within walking distance of the hotel. Additionally, they can embark on exciting excursions to nearby attractions such as casinos and shopping centers.

Please note that your companion will need to arrange their own transportation, except for hospital visits during visiting hours. Fortunately, transportation options abound, including convenient Uber rides, the complimentary hotel shuttle, taxi rentals, or the assistance of our dedicated drivers, subject to availability. Experience seamless mobility in Tijuana with these accessible and reliable transportation choices.

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Once You're in Tijuana, Explore Additional Services Available to You"

At Hidalgo Bariatrics, we’re pleased to offer additional services to enhance your experience. Dr. Monica Becerra, a certified aesthetics doctor specializing in facial and body rejuvenation with non-invasive techniques, can visit both you and your companion in your room after your bariatric procedure.

Dr. Becerra offers a comprehensive range of treatments, including Botox, Facial Revitalization, Anti-Aging Treatments, and Corporal Treatments.

Known as one of the best aesthetics and anti-aging specialists in Tijuana, she is dedicated to exceeding your expectations by providing you with a fully relaxing and natural aesthetics treatment tailored to your needs.

Ready to Elevate Your Recovery Experience?

Contact your medical coordinator today to arrange a meeting with Dr. Monica Becerra and discover how you can enhance your journey to wellness with our specialized aesthetic services.