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Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

    What is a Bariatric Surgery?

    Bariatric Surgery is a medical procedure that helps obese people to lose weight by making changes in their digestive system with minimally invasive surgical techniques. Bariatric surgery will be a big step for a patient’s weight-loss journey, being a new beginning in their lives. That is because patient will have long-term weight loss and health improvement results with patient’s commitment, good aftercare and moderate lifestyle changes.

    Bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

    Day after day, more people are interested in Bariatric Surgery and decide to travel to Tijuana Mexico, a major border city, to have their procedure. Tijuana, Mexico has becoming a world- class medical tourism leading destination for any weight loss Surgery. The most important aspect that will please patient outcomes is the experience and great skills of the best bariatric surgeons and their team of dedicated anesthesiologists and nurses such as Hidalgos Bariatrics led by Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo who offers medical care high quality and affordable bariatric surgeries, assuring a safe environment with complete privacy and confidentiality before, during and after surgery.

    Tijuana’s proximity to United States is the first reason of being the prime destination for medical tourism, especially for bariatric patients, allowing them to experience a high quality medical service and care at a very low cost. Bariatric surgery in Tijuana Mexico is less expensive than US and Canada, 60 to 70 per cent cheaper; that is unparalleled care in state of the art surgery centers and hospitals at one third costs in their own land.

    Bariatric surgery in Tijuana has the privilege of being performed at the leading hospitals such as hospital Dreams located just a minutes  from the international border between San Diego, California and Tijuana. This hospital is obviously high-quality, the most modern and innovative with clean facilitiesoffering touristic weight loss packages all-inclusive.


    Patients do also have a full variety of bariatric procedures to choose according to their medical history coordinated through the certified surgeon in charge. Every procedure is unique and special in terms of procedure, prices and body and health benefits. The advanced treatments or variety of bariatric procedures offered in Tijuana are Gastric Sleeve surgery, Gastric Bypass surgery, Bariatric Revision surgery, Lap Band surgery etc.


    Tijuana Mexico is one of the great destinations for obese people who seek affordable and safe weight loss surgery with qualified hospital facilities and top board-certified surgeons. There is a network of bariatric or weight loss professionals in Tijuana who obviously offer effective, affordable and safe bariatric procedures.

    Medical Tourism is lately a growing industry that gives obese people from different parts of the world, the opportunity of changing their life through the benefits of bariatric surgery while visiting such a relaxing destination like Tijuana Mexico.


    Find out more about the Bariatric Surgery procedures that Hidalgo Bariatric Offers.


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